Accepting new clients: Vaccinated Only. Unvaccinated clients are seen via zoom only.

Exposure Response Prevention Therapy

Exposure Response Prevention Therapy or Exposure Ritual Prevention Therapy (ERP EX/RP) is the Gold Standard for breaking the cycle of ritual behaviors that are part of OCD, and Susan Haverty M.F.T. has specialized training in this area.

Assessing Your OCD Rituals and Symptoms

During the assessment, you will also ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are my triggers?
  • Am I avoiding any of these triggers because of anxiety?
  • Are there times when I am exposed to these triggers that I try to stay safe or protect myself by creating rituals to alleviate my anxiety?
  • Do these behaviors affect my ability to live my life the way I want to?
  • What is specifically motivating you to seek assistance right now?

Now you and Susan can CREATE A PLAN to monitor and work on shifting the power from your OCD to YOU!

Exposure Therapy In A Safe Controlled Environment

Following the plan you and Susan create – you will work together to systematically tackle your triggers and successfully resist your ritual responses.  Two things will happen here.

You will be exposed to your triggers in a manageable way. Over time and with practice, you will become desensitized to your triggers. You will learn to stop fueling your anxiety by feeding it with your ritual behaviors and avoidance. Yes, those behaviors are magnifying the problem!
Soon, when you will feel your anxiety has noticeably lessened, you may be confident enough to work the process on your own!

The goal of the therapy is to teach you to recognize triggers and work the process on your own.

At some point down the road, if you feel the anxiety rise or the compulsions increase, feel free to come back in and Susan will get you back on track again.